In the eyes of non-Muslims

Muhammed (SAW): 1001 Universal Appreciations and Interfaith Understanding and Peace

  • Did the prophet encourage interfaith cooperation or antagonism?
  • Did he teach to treat non- Muslims as foes?
  • Did his teachings provoke taking revenge or having patience?
  • Does Islam mean violence or peace?
  • Does the Quran teach division or unity amongst mankind?
  • Was Islam preached at the point of the sword or by the prophet’s simplicity?
  • Was Prophet Muhammad (SAW) an imposter or the Messenger of God?
  • Was he the most cursed or influential person in history?
  • Was he a womaniser or emancipator of women?
  • Are the charges against him authentic or malicious?
  • Does the burning of the Qur’an create peace or tension in the world?

Find out what the Churches, University Chaplaincies, Hindu Mandirs, Sikh Gurdwaras, Buddhist Temples, Jewish Synagogues etc. claim about Muhammad (SAW), Islam and the Qur’an.

Find out the views of British MPs, Lords, scholars and professionals about Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islam and the Quran.

Find out the reasons for misunderstanding between Islam and the west Uncover the truth from a Non-Muslim viewpoint.

For the first time in history 1001 Non-Muslim Appreciations Across 1400 years From the Emperor Heraclius to the H.R.H Prince Charles